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The escalator traction machine is the main driving equipment of the escalator and is used to move the load and passengers of the escalator. It usually consists of electric motor, reducer, brake and traction wheel.

  • Brand: General
  • Type: General
  • Gearbox: FJ100
  • Motor: YFD132-4
  • Power: 5.5KW
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Current: 11.5A
  • Speed: 1440(r
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    Gearbox Motor Power Voltage Frequency Current Speed Power factor Connection Protection Insulation
    FJ100 YFD132-4 5.5KW 380V 50Hz 11.5A 1440(r/min) 0.84 IP55 F
    4.5KW 15.2A

    Working principle of escalator traction machine.
    The traction machine rotates the drive shaft to rotate the traction wheel, which in turn drives the escalator chain or steel belt to drive the escalator. The motor of the traction machine usually uses an AC asynchronous motor or a DC motor, which transmits the driving force to the traction wheel through a reducer and transmission device.
    The escalator traction machine is also equipped with brakes for stable stopping and emergency braking of the escalator. When stopped or powered off, the brake will lock the escalator chain or steel belt to prevent the escalator from sliding.
    The traction machine is one of the key components of the escalator and plays an important role in the operational stability and safety of the escalator. Repairing and maintaining the operating status of the traction machine, and regularly inspecting and lubricating various parts of the traction machine can ensure the normal operation of the escalator and extend the life of the equipment. If you need to perform specific repairs or replace the escalator traction machine, it is recommended to contact a professional escalator maintenance or supplier.

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